Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emer Sighting on 18th Street

I spotted Emer strolling down 18th street, cell phone in hand, and owning the sidewalk. Look. This is New York City. There are like Millions and Millions of people in this city, plus annoying tourists, yet they've cleared out to let Emer pass. He's like frickin' Moses parting the Red sea, except he's not Jewish, and instead of water it's people that have parted, and instead of a staff he's got a cell phone. Emer definitely has god on his side. Look out Satan! Emer's got your number.


aielli said...

Okay, I'm starting to lose faith in the almighty. Brace yourselves: Emer doesn't return emails! I'm afraid that's all stupid and in no way sexy. I'm just sayin'.

Stupid Sexy Flounders said...

Keep the faith, Aielli. You have to understand, Emer is a very busy and important man. And, until we can clone his awesomeness, demands for his time will be met on a limited first come first served basis. Patience, my young padawan. He will get back to you... eventually.
why won't emer return my email?