Sunday, June 22, 2008

All Signs Point Toward Emer

Little did this woman know (Note: original image removed even though I think she looked fine in the picture, she was'nt happy with it sooooo...) that when she shook the Magic 8 Ball, that compendium of answers to all our eternal questions, the little floating triangle would actually say "All Signs Point Toward Emer." Emer is fully aware of this phenom that occurs in his presence and is waiting to see her reaction. By the look of sheer happiness on her face, you can tell that she's just read the magical answer.

I know Emer himself is a source of divine answers. If I were the Hulk and had a burning question I bet I could pick Emer up, shake him, and his eyes would float mysteriously in his skull until they revealed the answer I was looking for. Something like: "All signs point toward SMASH." Unfortunately, I'm not strong enough to lift Emer over my head yet, let alone shake him like a an au pair would a baby, so I will never know this for certain until my Gamma Ray experiments are complete.

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