Monday, June 16, 2008

Gawker Missed the Boat on Flounders

I can't believe it!

Gawker runs a poll for The Hottest Guys in Publishing and Emer isn't on it? I mean, I'm just a guy with a total man-crush on The Flounders, and even though I like the ladies, I find Emer a Hunk. Not that I want to do anything with him, except maybe have a beer with the man and swap some stories, but I'm secure enough in my sexuality to say that Emer is Sexy.

Maybe if we two were cowboys, out on the range, herding cows and totally hard up... something might happen, but thats not the point. This man oozes a confidence I wish to emulate and he should have been on that list.

Well, maybe not.

The list is a poll for the "Hottest Guys in Publishing," not "The Sexiest Men in Publishing."

There's a big difference. Ummm, which is.... "Hot" means they're, um, good looking and "Sexy" means you want to have sex with them.

awwwwwwwwww, crap.

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